London Super Comic Con

I’d never been to a comic convention and I’d always half thought I’d like to go. I was sorely disappointed.

I think it’s because the focus was on super hero comics. I don’t really enjoy that kind of thing. I like thrillers and horrors and mysteries. Sure there’s aspects of those in super hero comics and sure I like the odd super hero movie but I just don’t get them.

I went to a couple of panels, a sequencing panel, which drifted more towards getting yourself published towards the end, and a censorship panel, which seemed to be a group therapy session for writers and artists who’d had works censored. For my partners sake rather than my own we went to a panel about cosplay. My partner, I think, had been desperate to cosplay for the event and appeared to be a little upset that I’d so adamantly repeated “no”.

Honestly, I was more concerned about the cosplayers being cold than how much I got out of the experience.

I think my life revolving around young people with autism has slightly caused me to become disinterested in “geek culture”. I used to love anime and comics and manga and the idea of dressing and… and… and… but now, I like comics and games in so much as I need to know a little to get a lot out of them. It’s a good conversation starter for young people and the most important part of the convention for me was the conversation point with my students. Did I care that D. Piddy was there? No. Did I care that I could talk to my students that I’d seen someone dressed up as one of their favourite character? Yes.

I probably won’t bother going to another convention but I wouldn’t have known that without going. Thank you London Super Comic Con for proving that comic conventions are exactly what I expected.


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