The Gangster Akela

Ok I feel like I should explain my site name. I run a local Cub pack, which, when you’re the top leader, you get nicknamed Akela. Every year, for the first May bank holiday, we run a short camping trip with my Cubs, mostly to give them a warm up for the longer summer camps. It was especially wet this year and I was helping one particular Cub get his wellie boots on. As I got his boots on, he said, very seriously, “Akela, you’re such a gangster”. Now generally children who are nine don’t understand sarcasm and he’s not really the type for sarcastic comments. I also don’t think he really knows what a gangster is, you know, since he’s nine. Unfortunately, my young leaders over heard, and since I don’t hide the fact that I work in a behavioural school and don’t particularly like sticking to tradition, they’ve declared it as true and it’s stuck.

Anyway this is what I see as the next step in My Gap Year Adventure. I’m no longer on a gap year. I’ve got a full time job which challenges and interests me. I believe that I can make leaps and bounds in my work area. I am finally happy and looking forward to my next step.

Hopefully I’ll update this fairly regularly and take you on my new adventure of becoming the adult I always wanted to be.


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